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Quality Used Cars For Sale at C&G Family Auto

2012 Honda Odyssey LX 190K Miles
  • 2012 Honda Odyssey LX 190K Miles


    Explore your next adventure with a reliable companion by your side! Dive into the world of used cars and discover the gem that is our 2012 Honda Odyssey. Boasting an interior and exterior that defy its years, this fully loaded marvel stands out in immaculate condition. From the luster of its paint to the integrity of its body and the pristine state of its seats, every aspect of this vehicle screams GREAT shape.



    But it's not just about looks. This super clean van runs and drives as if it just left the showroom, promising a seamless experience behind the wheel. With a reputation for endurance, the Honda Odyssey is renowned for clocking hundreds of thousands of miles without skipping a beat. Ready to be your reliable partner for countless journeys ahead, this vehicle is an unbeatable deal at just $9,995 CASH.



    Seeking financing options? We've got you covered with both off-lot and on-lot financing available. Don't hesitate to give us a call today at (910)-663-9008 and let us help you make this dream a reality.

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